Junkyard Golf Club

Author: Helen Catchpowle
Published: 8th June 2016

London has recently become home to Junkyard Golf Club after its massive success in Manchester. As part of a friend's birthday celebrations, Beth, Pierre, Joe and I grabbed our clubs and went to check it out. 

The three courses are made up of various bits and pieces from scrapyards, charity shops and car boots. Fuelled by cocktails and a competitive streak, we bashed a ball through treadmills, smashed up cars, pool tables, an old boat and a trippy UV techno section. 

Joe was eventually crowned top junkyard golfer and I came last after an absolute nightmare on the clown/jacuzzi/slide challenge. Despite my crushing defeat, we had a great night and it was definitely something a bit different. 

If you find yourself with time to spare near Brick Lane, it's well worth a look. Just beware of the jacuzzi clown!

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