Time to Think

Author: Loredana Blackburn
Published: 19th December 2017

 A few years ago, I came across an excellent book called “Time to Think” by Nancy Klein.

The central idea of the book is that we all need to listen to ignite the human mind, or put simply, by improving the way people think, it will improve the way they work and live.  In a thinking environment, everything we do depends, for its quality, on the thinking we do first.  A fair majority of the book talks about the importance of an “Incisive Question” which helps remove limiting assumptions in the thinking process and replace with independent thinking.  A thinking environment is the set of 10 conditions under which human beings can think for themselves.  If you are interested in learning more, I certainly recommend taking a look at the book to get a real insight into these and its follow-up, imaginatively named Time to Think 2.     

I was prompted to share this reading recommendation having spent time on the train commuting to work, where I noticed that rather than using journey time to think, plan and prepare for the evening or day ahead or to reflect on the day, fellow passengers tend to use it to catch up on social media, buy online or play games. 

In itself, there is nothing wrong with this behaviour and indeed I am just as likely to do similar when down time is offered. However, it got me thinking (literally)….in this age where all spare time can be effectively filled by a swipe of the finger to unlock a mobile phone or iPad that subsequently opens up a whole new world, how, where and when are people truly, properly able to step out and think and take that reflection time? Maybe it’s in the gym or out walking the dog, who knows!
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