When Benidorm met Jurassic Park

Author: Deep Sangar
Published: 22nd July 2016

No, I'm not talking about the old folk on mobility scooters! The family and I have just returned from a themed hotel on the Costa Del Sol that looked like something from Jurassic Park with its natural-looking 10ft high bridges, huge tree trucks and a 'jalapa' at the entrance!

The weather was fab - constantly in the mid 30s and whilst it was all inclusive, we ventured out a few times. Our travels took us to Gibraltar where we saw the great Rock of Gibraltar, met the monkeys and visited the famous St. Michael's Cave which boasts some of the best acoustics in the world. As it's a British colony, we shouldn't have been surprised to see M&S, Next, Morrison's, red telephones booths and red post boxes etc. but it was quite surreal!

We also went to the local marine where me and Dylan hit the speed boats. It was fab and fast - so much so, I had to hold on to Dylan as he was busy playing air guitar to ACDC!!

As always, it was great to bond with the family and great seeing my little munchkin growing up!

I really doubted this holiday, but seeing my little one enjoy himself was bliss! Parents too have to change perceptions, and we have!d

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