Café Opus


Top Birmingham restaurant, Opus, was looking to launch a new café at the IKON Gallery under its well-established brand. It needed a unique identity for the venue that would stand alone, and reflect the excellent reputation of the Opus name.

The challenge

Opus was keen to keep its involvement a secret until the launch, so we needed to find a way of creating a buzz without giving the game away. Following the launch, the café needed its own identity that worked alongside the original Opus identity.

Our strategy

Our team developed a teaser campaign, announcing the imminent arrival of a much-loved Birmingham restaurant’s ‘new little sister’. When the secret was out, we unveiled the café’s vibrant identity, including menus, signage and a quarterly newsletter.

We created the unexpected

The teaser campaign succeeded in generating plenty of intrigue around the launch, with local journalists trying and failing to guess who was behind it! The café has been such a success that Opus has since launched a third venue, Bar Opus at Snowhill.

Outstanding results

We have worked with Clevercherry for 3 years now. In that time they have managed a number of key transitions for us, including our re-branding, new responsive website and our launch campaign for our new Bar at Snowhill. These were managed by the team with personal attention, creativity and energy. Their day to day account handling has been extremely well organised and a life saver!
Ann Tonks
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