Bristan GO


The ‘Bristan GO’ app was developed in line with the bathroom tap and shower supplier’s new brand identity, also created by the Clevercherry team. With the ‘make life easier’ concept in mind, we set out to create a tool to do just that for installers.

The challenge

Bristan required a web application that would make life easier for customers and plumbers, while promoting Bristan’s product range. Intended for use on the go, it was essential that it worked seamlessly on all devices.

Our strategy

We created a web app that allows homeowners and plumbers to select the right Bristan product for each job on their smartphone or tablet, making product selection, pricing and quoting a simple and streamlined process.

We created the unexpected

The 'Bristan GO' app simplifies the product selection and purchase process. It makes battered old brochures redundant, saves customers from buying the wrong products and ensures that the parts plumbers are asked to fit are up to the job.

Outstanding results

We were hugely impressed with the detailed planning, thought and attention to detail that Clevercherry demonstrated when developing the 'Bristan GO' web application ­ they conceived and developed a great idea and delivered a solid digital product that simply, makes life easier and more convenient for plumbers and their customers. Right on brand! We've had an unbelievable amount of interest and we even had 50 plumbers register as users, in the 3 days prior to its official launch.
Bill Wilson
Bristan Group eCommerce Manager
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