Euro 2016

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After the success of our previous sweepstake sites, we decided to celebrate EURO 2016 with a new and improved sweepstake generator. The system allows users to invite friends, assign teams, create football stickers and generate their own wallchart.

The challenge

With so many downloadable printout sweepstake kits out there, we wanted ours to be something digital and completely different. We wanted more users than ever before to ditch the cut-up-bits-of-paper method and try our online sweepstake generator.

Our strategy

We redesigned and restructured the site to offer a better, faster and more straightforward user experience. We also added new features, including the ability to download and print a personalised wall chart, complete with users’ own stickers.

We created the unexpected

As a result of a targeted email and social campaign, hundreds of brands, agencies and individuals signed up to play along. The stats surpassed all of our previous sweepstake sites, with over 17,000 registered users and 1240 active sweepstakes. Score!

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