Online renewable energy calculator

Vaillant has been leading the way in the heating market for over 140 years, and its renewable technologies offer a more sustainable source of energy for homes and businesses.

The challenge

With homeowners increasingly looking for ways to reduce energy bills and do their bit for the environment, Vaillant wanted to create a tool to help consumers and installers identify the right renewable energy technologies for them.

Our strategy

As the tool required complex calculations to sit behind the technologies and products, we undertook detailed information architecture planning sessions with the Vaillant team. We also ensured that the system we designed ran smoothly on all devices.

We created the unexpected

The calculator was quickly proven to be a valuable tool for homeowners and installers. The installer version is an essential tool to help industry professionals give informed, tailored advice to their customers, and free up more time for more jobs.

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Outstanding results

Following numerous successful projects with Clevercherry, we entrusted the agency with the mammoth task of creating a renewable energy calculator for our business. We were hugely impressed with the ground-breaking tool team Cherry delivered which proved to be a great success with both installers and home owners alike.
Olivia Maycock
Brand Marketing Manager
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