Yolo Food Company


Yolo Food Company is on a mission to make healthy eating easy for busy people by making and delivering nutritious microwaveable meals. Sadly the website didn’t match the fantastic concept, with an order system that led to high levels of food wastage.

The challenge

Our challenge was to create a brilliant user experience for clients, with a complex back-end system to help them sell more meal plans, more efficiently. What’s more, we were given just 6 weeks to deliver the project in time for the New Year’s rush.

Our strategy

We created a site that makes it quick and easy to choose a meal plan, pick dishes and make payments. The intelligent back-end system tracks each order through shopping, cooking, packing and plating, with clever tools for monitoring stock and profits.

We created the unexpected

Delivered on a tight deadline, the site offers an intuitive experience across devices, and launch day achieved record sales for an instant return. The smart back-end system also worked wonders in improving efficiency for the Yolo team.

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