It is well-known that farmers love an Auction, but COVID put a real halt on the Auction events and day trips that farmers know and love. When Amtec came to us with this problem and losing the ability to do this at their yard, we of course wanted to help.

This isn’t just your standard marketplace like eBay or Amazon, they were after something niche, and specific to the Agricultural industry. So, with that in mind we got started on a new software development and created a bespoke online Auction platform for buyers and sellers alike, streamlined through automation and eCommerce to create a fully-fledged online marketplace, auction-style.

What makes this so different to a marketplace site?

A marketplace will always be very similar to an auction on the way the basics are designed, as they are both based around the concept of a multi-vendor scenario that involves buying and selling. The bespoke Auction based platform created by Clevercherry allows both the buyer and seller to do so much more that your standard marketplace package. Our online auction software system allows:

  • Sellers to upload their listings directly in their account, setting start prices, reserve prices, buy it now options, keyword searches, start/finish dates and times, imagery and videography. Not only all of that, but to create the best possible customer journey, sellers can pay directly through the platform for selling within the auction site, uploading multiple listings in one go but only needing to complete one simple checkout and payment process. This works off a ‘no win no fee’ type model, so sellers will only have to pay for a minimal percentage of the item once sold and only when an item is sold.

  • Buyers can bid directly through the platform, set maximum bids so the system will automatically bid for them whilst they are pre-occupied, trigger buy it now purchases, leave feedback for sellers, and add auction items to their Wishlist on their account for a possible future purchase and automatic notifications via email and SMS to ensure they are kept in the loop about their favourite auctions/listings…the list goes on!

  • Buyers and sellers can communicate directly through the platform via an in-built messaging system, with automated notifications for new messages via email and SMS, to keep everyone informed and upto date.

  • Notification automation is built into the software to keep buyers, sellers and administrators alike all upto date with the latest information.

  • Amtec have full and flexible management of the bespoke software platform, including transactions, bidding systems and logic, start and close dates, marketing communications, notifications, statuses logging, reporting and analytics, SEO and more.

With the Auction platform now up and running, the figures speak for themselves. Over 650 auction users have signed up within a matter of weeks, generating thousands of platform views consistently each day - with that number still growing at an exponential rate. Not to mention the hundreds of auction items already sold!

Amtec Group are a pleasure to work with and this is just the beginning… we are excited about continuing to work closely developing this marketplace and their overall online presence further in the months to come. Watch this space!

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