Archie and Erin: Two for One Cherries

Author: Work Experience
Published: 14th July 2017

Archie Yoxall

I came to Clevercherry to learn what it would be like working in an agency and to advance my skills with photography and graphic design as much as I could. I’m happy to say that after the two weeks I’ve spent there, I’ve done exactly that. The Cherry team is very welcoming and always willing to help in any way possible.

I did loads in my time here! I created a brand for a social media app, designed logos, stationery, a website and the app itself. I was able to go out and use their camera equipment to produce some stellar images. They gave me the opportunity to build my own website which I could use to showcase my photography portfolio.

Being here for the two weeks has been great fun and an amazing learning experience. Looking into the future, I can only hope that I’ll have more opportunities to come here. Thank you to everyone at Clevercherry!

Erin Higgins

I chose the Clevercherry for my work experience because I thought it would be a spectacular insight into the life at an agency. Much to my belief, it was exactly that and more - one week was definitely way too short!

During this smashing week, I had the opportunity to try out new and exciting things that I’d never done before. By looking at and comparing web design, writing social media tags, to designing my own social media, I gained a further depth and understanding of simple things like logos and fonts within websites and adverts.

The team at Clevercherry have been absolutely amazing and I could not have wished for a more welcoming place with kinder, more helpful people. They’re always ready to help and inspire, ensuring we have the best time there possible.

It’s been great and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone at Clevercherry for an out of this world experience!

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