Black is the new Red

Author: Mike Haines
Published: 2018-11-27

Clevercherry has just undergone a major rebrand, the most significant in its history! This involved completely re-vamping our website, branding and office space. It came about after we felt it was time to represent how we’ve matured as a business, and to show the evolution of the Agency.

First things first, we needed to decide on the colour and style of the new Clevercherry. After lengthy discussions and several visual concepts presented, it was settled that the cherry red had to go, to be replaced by a slick and contemporary palette of black and dark greys, with the emphasis on the modern black colour. We felt that this would let our work and imagery take the lead, and would convey strength in a more understated way.

As Production Manager, overseeing the transformation of the office was my responsibility. We spent significant time considering wallpaper samples, paint colours and signage options. We finally decided on a distinctive, textured vinyl wallcovering in black, by VESCOM, as seen in the below image. It complements the signature wall of the office perfectly, which is simply black painted brick with a bespoke eye-catching light box emblazoned with the new Clevercherry logo, which you can also see below:

It all looks fantastic and has been really well-received by clients and suppliers who have visited us since, which is an awesome feeling. Watch this space for phase 2 – the bar area and the green room – which will begin in the near future!

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