CLEAVERcherry at Halloween

Author: Andy Hawthorne
Published: 2018-10-31

Halloween has long been big business for UK retailers. And this trend shows no signs of dying as UK spend is predicted to grow to frightening levels again this year.

The appeal for marketers is clear when we get to the bare bones of it. The holiday presents a creative and strategic opportunity, allowing brands to engage audiences with fun and interesting campaigns. Campaigns witch which will ring the death bell for competitors that don't join in the gore fun.

There are plenty of opportunities to run initiatives that will:

  • Strengthen databases
  • Interaction with social audiences
  • Web traffic
  • Sales
  • Increase the number of blood banks…

So, with the UK market coffin’ up on (to name but a few):

  • Costumes
  • Food & drink (especially confectionary)
  • Party-planning and nights out
  • Zombie repellent…

It’s no wonder brands continue to invest in marketing – which is a good omen for agencies. We could have said The Omen there, but either way, there’s a devilishly good opportunity to boost sales during this period.

There are some good follow-up opportunities too. 40% of consumers purchased chocolates and sweets around Halloween last year (in the UK). With that amount of sugar consumption there will be people feeling guilty and needing to purge their sins… or go on a health kick.

Here at Cleavercherry Clevercherry we decided to research the numbers and produce a stunning infographic for you, to present what we are saying in visual form.

The infographic does say it all, but it’s worth highlighting here that the estimated spend for 2018 in the UK is 419 million pounds.

Without further blood spill, here is the infographic showing some statistics and key facts to illustrate how the market has developed over recent years. Don’t forget to drop us a line if we can help with your deadly marketing plans…

We had great fun this time last year as we leveraged the new poll feature on Instagram stories to enable our audience to help create our very own Halloween Movie poster in real time! We tasked our social audiences with a number of key creative decisions such as choosing an actor/actress, selecting a film setting, the film name, logo and more.

Throughout the day, Senior Digital Designer, Matt Ridding, pieced together the movie poster as the votes rolled in.

This year we’re at it again. Head over to to see what we’re up to!

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