Dominic: What it's like to be a Cherry

Author: Guest Blog: Dominic Evans
Published: 12th May 2017

I entered my week at CleverCherry to gain insight into the industry through agency life and I feel that this week has allowed me to experience this hands-on.

Invited into a very open and welcoming team, I was given the opportunity to explore every department of the agency and spend additional time with my chosen department, which was account management. Not only this, I was also given the opportunity to carry out real tasks and get a feel for the role itself.

With a strong corporate background, I was shocked to see how much different the working environment is at an agency. I was welcomed into a vibrant mix of people with fun and positive attitudes. I had never experienced such a dynamic of work before. It’s because of this last week I’m now sure that I would like to pursue my career in an agency-style environment.

Each of the team made extra effort to ensure that I’ve had a positive experience here and I’m thankful for the great insight that I have been given.

So thanks a lot to everyone for an informative and enjoyable week, and a special thanks to production sheriff Deepster for introducing me and guiding me throughout my week here.

Dominic Evans

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