Half Off Brands Initiative

Author: Matt Ridding
Published: 2018-12-07

It was another crazy year for Black Friday sales and this was especially true for our host of wonderful e-commerce clients.

The day is not just one of the biggest days marked in the retail calendar, but the marketers calendar too.

Figures from location-specific data specialists, Loqate, show Online transactions rose 55% between midnight and 10am. That included a 78% boost before 7am. And 56% of all transactions were made via a smart phone - another key factor for marketers.

The were some fears that Black Friday sales have been showing signs of fatigue. The data provided by Loqate shows a different story. Shoppers are still searching out bargains, especially when they can make their purchases from their mobile phones. The physical sales did not provide a boost for retailers, but it's the online sales where Black Friday has always made and impact. This year proved to be no different.

Anyway, We couldn’t let the day pass without running a campaign of our own.

In fact, we ran a campaign like no other – with some of the world’s biggest cuts on the brands you love.

We ran a social media campaign called ‘Half Off Brands’. And for the creative treatments we did just that, taking the literal approach to slashing brands by chopping half off some of the most iconic brand logos on the planet. Which as you can see, gave each a completely new comical meaning and identity.

If you didn’t catch it this year be sure to tune into our social channels next year to avoid disappointment.

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