I have always wanted to go into business (specifically marketing and advertising) and now I am certain this is the path for me, thanks to Clevercherry!

I am currently in the process of having one of the best experiences I will have in the world of work, where I am lucky enough to be a part of the team and gain a lot of knowledge I will never forget. It is very interesting to see for yourself how the company is run on a daily basis and I was able to use systems I had never used before to complete tasks during the week which I found exciting!

All the cherries are a delight to be around, they are always positive and happy which makes your week even more enjoyable especially when you come to work on your 16th birthday!

Working at this agency to sum up in one word is fantastic, it will be a birthday I will never forget and will be sad when this week is over.

LaTia Harding

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