Manisha: A week at Clevercherry

Author: Guest Blog: Manisha Chaggar
Published: 20th January 2017

My week at Clevercherry has been insightful to say the least. Having no previous knowledge of life inside an agency it has been great to have the opportunity to gain first-hand agency experience.

During my exhilarating week, I learnt that no day was the same and that's an aspect of agency life that I really enjoyed.

I was able to gain exposure to all the departments Clevercherry had to offer. During this time, I learned about their processes and the roles each of them play in the agency.  Including online and offline account management, creative, digital, production and website design.

The team at Clevercherry have been welcoming, positive and genuinely kind, providing great knowledge in what they do. They were also able to offer some invaluable words of advice which I will definitely take on board!

Having the opportunity to meet and converse with some really inspirational members of the Clevercherry team has most definitely reaffirmed my ambitions to graduate and become an account executive.

This experience has absolutely proved that opportunities don’t just happen, you have to go out there and create them.

Thank you Cherries for an unforgettable week!

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