Mia's Work Experience at Clevercherry

Author: Mia
Published: 22nd July 2019

As a recent graduate with no previous experience in a creative agency, I came to Clevercherry to gain an understanding of branding and marketing. My work experience here has hugely surpassed my expectations and admittedly, I’m reluctant to leave.

Throughout the course of the week I was able to speak to many different individuals within the team, allowing me to comprehend their roles and the various stages in the creative process. I was able to see how Clevercherry’s interpretation of an initial brief manifested into a visual aesthetic to convey a brand or project, allowing me to understand the collaborative process between both the team and the client, and internally between the team members themselves. Speaking to various Account Managers, both offline and digital, they stressed the importance of building strong, reliable relationships with clients, based on trust and a mutual understanding of the specific needs and aims in question. As well as this, I was shown Property HQ, a website platform developed by Clevercherry’s own digital team. Despite coding being completely alien to me, I was able to appreciate the complexity and significance of the technical platform.

I would also like to say thank you to the whole Clevercherry team. More akin to a ‘work-family’ than colleagues, the way in which they interact with each other ensures a relaxed yet professional environment, in which they can provide each other with support and ideas. On my first day, I was warmly greeted by Lauren, who then introduced me to the wider Clevercherry team, who sat with me and explained their respective roles. By the end of the first day, my nerves had gone. Mike, who I sat next to, further made me feel comfortable by being completely patient with my Photoshop incompetence and my inquisitive but annoying questions. Specifics aside, the overall playfulness between everyone fuels an energy that I aspire to have. Even the actual office itself screams fun, with bright, distinctive and somewhat random props dotted across the space, in turn stimulating the creative process. The people and the place combine to form a truly enviable work environment, one which I will inevitably use as a comparator in future jobs.

Overall, the week has been extremely insightful and has hugely impacted my way of thinking, along with my future plans and aspirations. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and thankful to the whole team, who welcomed me in such a friendly and interactive way.


  • I really rated the bar in the office - so much respect for Nigel!
  • I feel I have to commend Mike and Mark’s vocals - you are both wasted here...
  • The photo was not my idea - apologies
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