Secret Santa generator is back...

Author: Josh Turbill
Published: 2018-12-10

Our Secret Santa generator named Santa's Sack is live. Now in its third year, our much-loved online Secret Santa generator is back and is the gift that keeps on giving.

The free-to-use tool showcases our development capabilities, or that was its original purpose. We were not expecting the uptake we received in its maiden year. 

More than a Secret Santa list...

As a result of its initial success, we decided to re-release it. We gave it a face-lift for Christmas 2017 and the usage numbers tripled.

This year we have already seen usage grow again by over 400% - which is fantastic.

The size and scale of the businesses using the tool also continues to surprise us. There are:

  • International brands
  • High street retailers

And many more from up and down the country using Santa’s sack to handle their Secret Santa gift exchange. 

This year, due to feature requests from our wonderful customers we have expanded the tool.

As well as automating your Secret Santa selection process:

  • It also integrates with Amazon to help you find the perfect gift
  • It works within your dedicated budget
  • It gives you the option to download a master list of who’s who, if you need it.

So, if you want an easy and fun way to manage your Secret Santa gift exchange this year, you only need to do one thing.  

Point your browser to:

You will be able to set up a Secret Santa group for your friends, family or colleagues today.

Two steps is all it takes:

  1. Create your group
  2. Add your people to the group

That's it.

All your group members will receive an email with a randomly selected person to buy a gift for.

Group members can visit our gift store powered by Amazon. Once there, they can browse gift ideas to seek inspiration for their present buying.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to!

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