We have evolved. Observe.

Author: Josh Turbill
Published: 2018-10-15

Clevercherry has just undergone one of the most significant rebrands in our 20 year history. If you’re reading this, you already know!

Motivation for the rebrand

We made the decision to reflect on how far we had come as an agency under the preceding identity. Not only have we matured as a business, our delivery and capabilities have also moved forward significantly. After a deep reflection into our brand, logo and positioning, it was clear it was time to evolve brand Clevercherry.

The rebrand not only brings our identity in line with our business, our talent and our clients, but also gives us the opportunity to flex our branding capabilities. After all, we believe it’s important to practice what you preach.

Aspects of the rebrand

Losing our ‘Cherry red’ was a tough but important decision. On all channels, our new lead colour is black which allows for our work and imagery to take the lead. The new palette is more refined, enabling us to convey strength in an understated way.

The 45 degree angle device used for the CC sub-brand brings depth and intrigue to the logo and is designed to catch and retain the eye. The perception of depth is created through the layered look, with the second C hiding behind the first, revealing and representing another layer or dimension to Clevercherry as a business.

The duel dimension depicts our ability to go where many others cannot. It communicates a deeper level of thinking. It demonstrates that there are multiple layers to our delivery, our people and our capabilities.

The 45 degree angle is a device that carries throughout the brand and can be spotted on imagery and headline text. In fact the angle itself is a symbol too. A symbol for what we as an agency brings to the table… The Creative Edge.


The new identity has been fully registered as a trademark of the business. We believe trademarking to be an essential part of any branding project and to that end we conduct and process trademarking for many of our clients. A trademark brings a further level of credibility to your identity and confirms that it is just that… an identity.

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