Services Delivered

  • Branding
  • Outdoor Media
  • Research and UX
  • Website Development
  • Tracking and Analytics

Branding And creative

The full-service delivery started right from the offset. After extensive research alongside low-emission specialists Element Energy, we developed the name, concept and branding for this bold and easily recognisable identity, to drive the project forwards. As a result of our research and planning we created a brand that encompassed air quality, low emission vehicles and a business-centric nature.

The bridge banners gain 4.5 million unique viewers each fortnight

Accompanying the website launch were bridge banners, implemented on all arterial routes in and out of the city. With messaging lying at their core, the banners had to reflect a fine balance between creativity and simplicity.

Bespoke Website

The website was tasked with becoming the go-to place for both local, national and international organisations seeking business-related information about the Birmingham Clean Air Zone. As always, we had to get it right. Bespoke animations and graphical elements lie at the heart of the website’s aesthetic, and help bring the key information to life. The website project also involved custom-built functionality to enhance UX, such as a postcode checker tool, and an interactive map of national refuelling infrastructure.

The agency continue to deliver creative and design work for the project, in the form of social assets, media planning and placement, and production of promotional collateral. This is all supported with regular analytics and reporting, to ensure Business Breathes stay true to its purpose.

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