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  • Research and Strategy
  • Website Design and UX
  • Bespoke Integrations
  • eCommerce Development
  • Managed and Secure Hosting
  • Tracking and Analytics

Design And ux

Due to the nature of Busy Bees Education and Training, a key challenge with the website and digital marketing strategy was how to entice and appeal to multiple target audiences at the same time. Their wide range of services, appealing to the likes of young apprentices but also employers and First Aid providers, created this challenge. Extensive UX research and planning allowed us to build customer profiles and personalised user journeys to capture and target these audiences and users, all on one online platform.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with George and the team for the past few years and in that time, we’ve had nothing but positive and very constructive communication, as well as the delivery of what, we feel, is an excellent product.”

“Our platform has many features and elements that our competitors don’t have, and having guidance from Clevercherry and being able to access reports and data with the systems that have been built, means that we are able to feel control over the website, without the worry about the finer details.

Not only have Clevercherry done what we have asked for to an incredibly high standard, they have also spent time to help refine and improve the functionality and accessibility of our website and support us with analytics and insights on how we can develop our product further.

In summary, I can’t recommend Clevercherry highly enough, they have provided us with the kind of service that any company should be aiming to offer its clients and on a personal level, they have all been a pleasure to deal with.”

Chris Kelly - Marketing Manager
An increase of 40+ course bookings per day following launch of eCommerce platform

Ecommerce Development

As one of the nation’s largest training providers, a key issue that Busy Bees highlighted was the significant time and resource their team were having to put into managing their bookings, enrolment, admin and reporting for their many training courses. With this in mind, we worked closely with their marketing team to develop an eCommerce platform that could streamline processes through automation, providing simplicity and ease of access for their customers, whilst simultaneously allowing them significantly more time to focus on the more important aspects of sales, marketing and operations. The platform integrated with WorldPay and also their online Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) housed within Moodle, for auto-enrolment of participants on their online and face-to-face training courses, fully automating the customer journey.

The website, and particularly the eCommerce platform, have shown great levels of performance, exposure and engagement since their development, and we continue to enjoy working closely with Busy Bees in relation to full-service maintenance and support, as well as exciting new projects and ventures.

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