A logo can make or break your brand's success. Nowadays, everyone talks about having a great logo for their branding plans, but when did logos become so important and why do they keep changing?

With 90% of all information transmitted to our brains being visual, it is no wonder brands want to create the perfect logo to resonate with their customers in an instant.

Oversimplified logos

Oversimplified logos are everywhere. Over the last decade, a notable surge in logos adopting a more simplified form has emerged, giving way to a wave of minimalistic and flat designs. This modern logo trend has made its presence felt across prominent brands like Starbucks, Google, Pringles, and our own! The fundamental idea underpinning these logos is to ease the visual strain on customers, presenting a more contemporary aesthetic. Remarkably, 64% of consumers say that simplicity in design creates faster brand recognition.

With this efficient logo design technique, businesses can reach their target markets with powerful visuals that evoke feelings of trust and familiarity and establish strong brand recognition. Overall, simplified logos are more modern and stylish and help to reduce clutter on websites to create a crisp look. 

Starbucks Evolution

Starbucks is known as the most famous coffee shop in the world and its branding and marketing have played a large part in the success of the company over the years. The Starbucks logo, instantly recognisable, has achieved such prominence that the company's name is no longer necessary alongside it.

As time has passed, Starbucks has artfully evolved its logo while preserving four pivotal elements that secure its instant recognition among their audience - font, colour, shape, and icon. Embracing the contemporary trend of logo simplification, Starbucks has now introduced two logos that remain instantly recognisable, thanks to these enduring elements.


Clevercherry’s logo

Just over five years ago, we embarked on a branding redesign, parting ways with the conventional red and embracing a more refined black and white aesthetic. Recognising that a thoughtfully crafted logo holds the power to elevate a brand's reputation by a substantial 78%, we were aware of the pivotal role a contemporary logo would play for our agency.

Speaking on the significance of logos our Senior Creative Nick Hughes said:

“In a crowded and often transient marketplace, the most effective logo design has evolved to become simpler and more memorable. Brands need their logos to work fluidly across multiple online and offline platforms whilst reinforcing their offer and purpose to a sophisticated audience.”

Is your business ready for an oversimplified logo? Thinking of having a brand refresh? Get in touch with our brand and design agency on 0121 236 1060 or email hello@clevercherry.com.  


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