Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has completely taken the world by storm, dominating the social media market. It is now the world’s leading destination for short-form videos, and its 2 billion global user base are starting to use it as a search engine to find answers to their questions.

While Google remains the most popular search engine at the moment, a growing number of people are turning to different websites and social media platforms with their questions. For example, people are using Amazon to search for products, Instagram to stay up to date on trends, and Snapchat’s Snap Maps feature to find local businesses.

TikTok Vs Google

Some have argued that searching on TikTok can often be more appealing and interactive than typing in a question on Google. This is due to Google offering conventional text and image-based responses in comparison to TikTok’s tailored videos, which also provide comments by others that further develop the information given in the video itself.

These TikTok videos are, on average, no longer than 60 seconds and tend to be quicker and more relevant than Google’s multiple different websites you must browse to obtain your information. They offer a quick and easy response in a form which is easy to absorb and easy to understand.

However, it is important to consider that Google excels in providing reliable and comprehensive information from reputable sources across the internet. Its search algorithm prioritises accuracy and relevance, ensuring users access credible information quickly and efficiently. With user-friendly features and precise filtering options, Google remains a trusted resource for obtaining accurate information.

The impact on marketing strategies

TikTok’s emergence as a search engine highlights the dynamic market of technology and its rapid growth and evolution. More significantly, it portrays the developing habits around acquiring information, as the younger generation leans towards social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

According to Search Engine Land, a recent survey stated that 74% of younger people use TikTok search, and 51% of survey respondents chose TikTok over Google as their preferred search engine. These statistics further highlight how the habits of younger people differ from those of older age groups who still prefer Google as their dominant search engine.

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