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In 2020, Subaru were seeking a new web design agency to take responsibility for the development of a new website and to execute new digital growth plans. Since then, we have continued to work alongside Subaru across their website and digital campaigns.

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Digital Expertise With a Friendly Approach

Developing strong relationships with Subaru’s internal marketing team, we blended effortlessly into working processes. We were forward thinking and proactive, suggesting and implementing areas for improvement with a strong account management structure to ensure open communication and timely delivery.

Our hands-on approach ensured the client’s goals were met as we utilised regular meetings and thorough analysis, monitoring behaviour against agreed specific objectives to find pain points and offer solutions to overcome them.

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Multi-tenancy Dealership Network

The multi-tenanted solution made a complex process very simple for Subaru, allowing for all 70 dealerships to be managed on the same platform. We completed existing feature enhancements and created the functionality for full automation of the website creation process.

Websites for the relevant dealerships could be centrally managed and published using a standardised template, pulling in relevant content, and allowing for brand consistency across the network. The rest of the website was populated via a script written that could access the XML file, which contained key information, and allowed for a dynamic approach.

Testing and Optimisation

All areas of their digital presence utilised clean and precise UI, supported by exceptional UX design. We worked as brand guardians, ensuring consistency across the board, whether that was through the display of CTA buttons, colour palettes, typography, or the type of communication used.

All areas of the website were regularly tested and optimised, reviewing functionality, design, speed, SEO improvements and the installation of new features to guarantee all areas of Subaru’s digital presence remained first-class.

Accessories Platform

As an integral part of our continuous partnership, our web design agency also took on the accessories project for Subaru. After developing our understanding of their current positioning, we took control of all areas of their development, adding relevant stylistic components, reviewing search functionality, integrating relevant feeds and platforms, and modifying existing vehicle importers to include electric vehicles. Overall we wanted to ensure the accessories platform was as intuitive as possible.

To achieve this, we implemented a multitude of changes. This encompassed redefining the point of access to the accessories page, along with a complete overhaul of the banner design to enhance the webpage's overall clarity. Notably, we standardised the card view as the default, facilitating a smoother browsing experience for customers as they effortlessly navigate through the array of accessories.

We also meticulously fine-tuned details, including enhancements to filter options for greater functionality and incorporating an H1 heading tag to improve SEO.

This project is ongoing, and we are dedicated to persistently refining and streamlining the user journey to ensure a seamless and straightforward experience for all.

Client Feedback

Our previous work with Subaru has proven to be a huge success and as such, our partnership remains ongoing as we constantly evaluate ways to take their digital transformation further.

“From day one Clevercherry hit the ground running and made instant progress with managing the Subaru UK website, which just made working with them such a pleasure.

“You can rely on any member of the team to execute projects to a high standard and their attention to detail and specialist knowledge is something we can always rely on. They are quick to respond to issues and we couldn’t be happier.”

Lyndsey Flood

Head of Marketing – Subaru UK

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