Ber-illiant time in Berlin!

Author: George Baker
Published: 2018-08-30

My girlfriend and I jetted off to the Deutsch city of Berlin for 3 nights, unsure of what to expect with neither of us having even been to Germany before. We were blown away by the liveliness of the city, to accompany its history and culture. With regard to history, in just 3 days we managed to explore the East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the WW2 bunker museum, and the Memorial to the Jews of Europe, with many stops along the way to fill our bellies (including Berlin’s trademark cuisine, the Currywurst!)

Going from the past to the now, the World Cup fever had very much spread to Germany, even despite what happened to their own national team! We managed to watch the penalty shoot-out drama of England vs Colombia on the big screens in the Tiergarten, with Brandenburg gate shining under the lights in the background, a quite surreal experience I’ll never forget, and a great win for England too! We also took a trip up the Fernsehturm, Berlin’s TV tower, giving us access to stunning views of the whole city, 207 metres up in the air.

Berlin is an amazing city, undersold in relation to its beauty and history. We highly recommend!

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