In 2023, we witnessed a plethora of trends, including the continued surge of TikTok, the emergence and subsequent challenges of new platforms, and the unexpected and dramatic rebrands of Twitter, or X, depending on how you want to refer to it! Could anyone have predicted that so much could change in just one year? Certainly not. Here, we present the top statistics and social media marketing trends of 2023!

With the increasing impact of AI and platforms boldly imitating each other, it has become crucial to comprehend the trends, news, and updates shaping the landscape of social media marketing. But don’t worry, our social media agency has got you covered.



TikTok's domination of the social media landscape persists, experiencing a further 16% growth in 2023, now boasting an impressive 1.5 billion users.

Last year, TikTok gave us a sneak peek into the way their algorithm works. With countless accounts aspiring to go "viral", understanding the algorithm became more crucial than ever for individuals seeking to stand out. The algorithm, influencing what appears on your "For You" page, is determined by the accounts you follow, popular content in your region, and your recent engagement. Heading into 2024, it is imperative to consider these factors when creating TikToks, as standing out has never been more challenging.

TikTok also introduced a multitude of new features, including its keyword research tool, enabling brands to discover trending topics and phrases. Moreover, the continuous expansion of shoppable opportunities with the TikTok shop indicates a growing e-commerce aspect.

Can TikTok maintain its dominance in the social media world as it did in 2023?



In 2023, Instagram and Meta experienced some notable shifts, emphasising collaboration and experimentation throughout the year.

Instagram took a significant leap forward last year by introducing a range of new features, aiming to provide fresh ways for audiences to engage and interact. These additions included broadcast channels, notes, co-created posts, carousels, and reels. While each update may seem subtle individually, collectively they showcase Instagram's substantial revamp.

Furthermore, in response to Elon Musk's acquisition of X, Instagram seized the opportunity to launch Threads, Meta's text-based social app. Within just 7 hours, it amassed 10 million users, the fastest-growing platform ever, although this growth slowed by 90% in a matter of weeks.

Meta’s live event also saw new launches and updates, outside of the social media realm.



Facebook remains a prominent player in the social media landscape, with over two billion daily users, indicating its sustained significance and wide audience.

While 2023 didn't witness major alterations to how Facebook is utilised, several noteworthy facts emerged:

  • India stands as Facebook's largest audience
  • Projections indicate that by 2027, Facebook will have reached 75% of the world's population
  • com ranks as the third most-visited website globally
  • Quarterly, a substantial 1.3 billion fake Facebook accounts are removed



Goodbye Twitter, hello X!

With Elon Musk taking over this platform, 2023 has definitely been the year of change! The most significant shift occurred with the abrupt logo change overnight, transitioning from the classic blue bird to the new symbol "X."

These changes also introduced "Twitter Blue," a monthly subscription offering exclusive features such as post-editing, longer posts, and increased posting frequency.The trajectory of X in 2024 remains uncertain, however, it has already weathered the threat of Threads and other emerging competitors. What other challenges could it possibly endure?


Social media marketing trends

Social media constitutes an ever-changing landscape, characterised by dynamic shifts and trends constantly in flux. In this unpredictable realm, anticipating what comes next is a perpetual challenge, as the digital landscape evolves and adapts with remarkable speed. The only constant in this environment is the continuous state of transformation, making it an exciting and unpredictable space for both users and observers.

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