Elon Musk has implemented daily content limits as a way to tackle ‘system manipulation’ which has prompted conversation between users about the platform’s future. Coincidentally, Instagram’s potential Twitter rival, Threads, dropped on the iOS and android app store. Will Twitter survive?

Musk addressed the 'temporary limits' imposed on Twitter, claiming they addressed security issues. But this move has already sparked speculation among users regarding the motives behind the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter’s controversial updates

This week, Twitter implemented a series of sudden changes that significantly impacted the user experience. Firstly, the platform now requires users to log in to be able to access the site and tweets, a departure from its previous open accessibility. Additionally, Twitter imposed limitations on the majority of non-paying users, with unverified accounts restricted to viewing 600 tweets per day, which later increased to 1000.

In response to the recent changes, Musk took to Twitter and explained the evolution of Twitter as ‘temporary limits’ aimed at combating ‘extreme levels of data scraping’ and ‘system manipulation’. Whilst the exact nature of these occurrences remains unclear, data scraping involves automated services, including AI, gathering publicly available data from websites.

The recent updates to Twitter have sparked speculation among users, who are now raising questions about the platform’s intentions. People who are subscribed to Twitter Blue, an opt-in monthly payment giving users access to extra features, can now view up to 6000 tweets per day, leading to suspicions that these updates might be part of a strategic move to drive more sign-ups for the paid subscription.

Twitter’s emerging competitors

As Twitter bought in their new updates, rival platforms such as Spill, Bluesky, and Post have experienced noticeable growth, making it an opportune moment for Instagram to join the competition with their new platform, Threads. Threads holds a potential advantage as it seamlessly incorporates users’ Instagram followers and following lists, allowing you to keep pre-existing Instagram circles so Threads users don’t have to start their community from scratch.

While Threads maintains a close connection with Instagram, it is set to be a separate and independent application. Although we have limited information solely from the app store, it appears that users will have the ability to like, comment, repost, and share posts within Threads.

In addition, it has been revealed that the upcoming Threads app will offer users a generous character limit of 500 per post, surpassing Twitter’s current 280-character limitation. This expanded character capacity presents an appealing advantage for those seeking to share more on the platform.

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