Established PR Agency

Established PR Agency

PR is a strategic communication process that you can use to build and maintain positive relationships with various stakeholders, including the public, media, customers, investors, employees, and more. It encompasses a range of activities aimed at shaping and managing the perception of the organisation in the eyes of the public and influencing their opinions and behaviours.

With press releases ranking as the most trusted content format in the media world, it is paramount to harness this tool effectively to establish a robust reputation for your brand.

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What is PR?

PR is a strategic communication practice that your business can use to build and maintain positive relationships with the public, including customers, clients, investors, and employees. The primary goal of PR is to create a favourable public image and reputation for your business.

Effective PR can communicate key messages, generate media coverage, and enhance your brand's visibility. It acts as a bridge between your organisation and the media, allowing you to share your story, achievements, product launches, or other newsworthy events.

Unlocking the power of PR

46% of consumers indicated that they'd be willing to pay extra for brands with a good reputation, highlighting the importance of establishing a trustworthy business.

Built upon a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles, our digital PR services are intricately tailored to drive your business towards an outstanding reputation, resulting in remarkable growth.

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What are the benefits of PR?

PR contributes to building a positive brand image, connecting with your audience, and driving business growth in a dynamic and competitive market. Some of the benefits include:

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PR helps shape a positive perception of your business among the public and your target audience, fostering trust and credibility.

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Effective PR strategies place your brand in the spotlight, raising awareness and expanding your reach to new audiences.

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Compared to traditional advertising, PR offers cost-effective exposure and long-term benefits, making it a valuable investment.

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Crisis management

PR helps navigate and manage crises, allowing you to respond to negative situations and maintain control.

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PR can positively impact SEO by generating authoritative backlinks and boosting domain authority, enhancing search engine rankings and online visibility.

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PR facilitates collaborations and partnerships with other businesses, influencers, and organisations, opening doors to new opportunities.

Creating a PR strategy

A comprehensive PR strategy should outline the key elements and steps to effectively manage your brand's public image and communication efforts.

An effective PR strategy should include:

• Clear objectives
• Clear brand identity
• Timeline
• Key messages
• Content creation
• Budgeting
• Resources
• Monitoring and reporting

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Types of PR

PR encompasses various strategies and tactics to achieve specific communication goals. Some common types of PR include:

Crisis management

Crisis management is a strategic communication that is created and distributed during times of crisis or emergency situations to manage and mitigate the impact of negative events on your reputation.

By delivering clear, accurate, and empathetic messages, these pieces help organisations navigate the crisis with transparency, professionalism, and a commitment to resolving the situation.

Content production

Sharing the latest news and updates ensures that your current and potential audiences stay informed and engaged, fostering brand awareness and loyalty.

Whether it's news articles featuring recent case studies, employee updates, or product launches, these pieces all contribute to shaping your reputation and standing in the eyes of the public.

Social media

Leveraging the power of social media marketing is a strategic way to not only place your business in the spotlight but also spark conversations around it. By utilising diverse social channels, you can effectively reach a broad spectrum of demographics and engage with consumers.

Moreover, repurposing content from news articles to social posts can extend your reach, allowing you to tap into a wider audience.

Award entries

Winning awards often come hand in hand with having a reputable business. Ensuring that you optimise your award entries so that you gain real creditability and standing in your market is vital.

Identifying the most prestigious awards within your industry and presenting your business in the most compelling manner are crucial steps to maximise your chances of success.

Membership management

Joining a PR group offers your business an array of opportunities, including releasing impactful press releases, expanding your professional network, exploring sponsorship options, and so much more.

Memberships are a powerful avenue to elevate your brand visibility, making it known to a broader audience and effectively showcasing what your business has to offer.

Influencer relations

Influencer PR is a marketing strategy that involves partnering with influential individuals or personalities on social media for your business. These influencers have a substantial and engaged following, and their endorsement or mention of your business can significantly impact consumer perceptions and buying decisions.

It's essential for you to choose influencers whose values align with your own and whose audience demographics match your target market to ensure a successful influencer PR campaign.

Internal communications

At your business, internal communications are rapidly emerging as a critical focus area within PR. It is essential to prioritise your employee's satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty for the overall success of your company.

How does PR impact SEO?  

As a Birmingham SEO agency, it is crucial to recognise the significance that all content that is shared will benefit your SEO efforts. PR has a substantial impact on SEO primarily through the creation of authoritative backlinks that boost domain authority. PR activities, such as securing media coverage or distributing press releases, often result in valuable backlinks from reputable websites.

PR's positive impact on your brand's online reputation, coupled with the promotion of high-quality content and social signals generated through PR activities, all contribute to a stronger online presence and improved search engine rankings. PR and SEO are intertwined, working together to elevate your website's visibility and credibility in search results.


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How does content marketing align with PR?

As a content marketing agency, we understand that content marketing and PR are interconnected aspects of a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy. They complement each other in building brand reputation, engaging audiences, and effectively managing communication with the public. By aligning these efforts, you can maximise your impact and reach in the digital landscape.

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What our digital PR agency offers

Elevate your brand's reputation and surpass your business objectives with the expertise of our digital PR agency. Our meticulously crafted and impactful PR strategies are designed to leave a mark. Each step of our strategy is planned, ensuring not only the engagement of your existing audience, but also captivating a broader demographic, leading to an exceptional reputation that resonates locally and within your industry. Our approach includes:

  • Thoroughly analysing your brand guidelines to ensure that all press aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and contributes positively to building your brand reputation.
  • Crafting a comprehensive strategic plan by deeply understanding your business objectives and identifying your target audience.
  • Leveraging our strong relationships with media outlets, securing valuable coverage and features for your brand in relevant publications and platforms.
  • Our dynamic approach keeps us in sync with the latest industry trends, allowing us to tailor our strategies and position your brand at the cutting-edge of your industry.


What to expect from our PR agency

Our skilled creative and digital team is committed to establishing a distinct brand identity and cultivating an exceptional reputation for your business through a tailored PR strategy. Through our comprehensive digital PR services, your business will be propelled to new heights, achieving unparalleled results.

If you want to find out more about how our Birmingham PR agency can build your business's reputation, please contact our creative and digital team at 0121 236 1060 or via

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