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Animation Agency

Utilising animated videos for your business offers an excellent means to narrate your story, humanise your brand, and convey intricate concepts in a digestible format. Animated video as a dynamic and captivating medium, is not only cost-effective and easily manageable but also ensures that your crucial points stand out vibrantly.

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What is animation?

Animation is a dynamic visual medium that involves the creation of moving images through the rapid display of a sequence of static pictures or frames. It brings static elements to life, creating the illusion of motion through careful design and sequencing. Animations can be produced using various techniques, including traditional hand-drawn animation, computer-generated imagery (CGI), stop-motion, and more.

This versatile art form is widely used in entertainment, advertising, education, and various industries to convey stories, explain concepts, and engage audiences in a visually compelling manner.

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With 59% of marketers using animated explainer videos to sell their products, are you making the most of animation for your business?

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The benefits of animation

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to animation as a dynamic and impactful tool to convey their messages. The benefits include:

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Enhanced engagement

Animation captivates audiences and keeps them engaged, making it an effective tool for conveying messages.

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Improved communication

Complex ideas and concepts can be simplified and communicated effectively through animated visuals.

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Brand differentiation

Unique and creative animations help businesses stand out, contributing to a distinct brand identity.

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Animation can be adapted to various styles, making it versatile for different types of content, from explainer videos to advertisements.

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Flexibility in representation

Abstract or complex ideas can be represented in a simplified and engaging manner through animation, facilitating better understanding.

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Global appeal

Visual storytelling in animation transcends language barriers, making it suitable for a diverse, global audience.

Times your business should use animation

Whether used in marketing, training, or communication strategies, animation has become an indispensable asset, providing businesses with a unique and compelling means of engaging audiences and staying ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Here is a list of times when your business should consider using animation:

• Explaining complex concepts
• Product demonstrations
• Training and educational content
• Brand identity
• Event presentations
• Email marketing
• Promotional videos
• Website enhancements

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Different types of animation

There are several different types of animation that cater to various artistic styles, storytelling needs, and technological advancements, offering a diverse range of options for animators and content creators.

Traditional animation (2D)

• Hand-drawn animation using individual frames to create the illusion of motion.
• Classic example: Disney's early animated films like "Snow White" and "Cinderella."

Computer-generated imagery (CGI)

• 3D animation created using computer software.
• Commonly used in movies, video games, and commercials.
• Examples include Pixar films like "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo."

Stop motion animation

• Physical objects or characters are manipulated frame by frame to create movement.
• Popular examples include "Wallace and Gromit" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Typography animation

• Moving text and characters to create dynamic and visually engaging sequences.
• Often used in promotional videos, commercials, and music videos.

Motion graphics

• Animation of graphic elements such as text and images to convey information or enhance visual appeal.
• Widely used in presentations, advertisements, and title sequences.


• A form of stop-motion animation using clay or similar malleable materials.
• Notable examples include "Chicken Run" and "Shaun the Sheep."

Should I incorporate animation on my website?

Incorporating animation on your website can significantly enhance its overall appeal and user experience. Animated elements, when used correctly, can grab visitors' attention, make your content more engaging, and convey information in a visually compelling manner. Whether it's subtle animations for navigation or more elaborate visual storytelling through animated graphics, these dynamic elements can bring your website to life. Animations can also improve user interaction, providing feedback for actions like button clicks or form submissions.

However, it's essential to strike a balance – excessive or distracting animations can have the opposite effect, so it's crucial to align animation choices with your brand identity and the overall purpose of your website.

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Will an animated video align with my brand?

An animated video has the potential to seamlessly align with your brand, provided that the visual elements, style, and messaging are crafted in harmony with your brand identity. By incorporating consistent colour schemes, typography, and imagery reflective of your brand guidelines, an animated video can effectively reinforce your brand image.

The versatility of animation allows for customisation to match the tone and personality of your brand, whether it's playful and creative or professional and sophisticated. To ensure alignment, it is important to provide us with clear insights into your brand's ethos, values, and target audience. This collaborative approach will help in the creation of an animated video that not only captures the essence of your brand but also enhances its recognition and resonance with your audience.

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What our animation agency offers

Our animation services include a comprehensive and tailored suite of offerings to meet the diverse needs of your business. Our Birmingham animation agency offers:

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Custom animation styles: A range of animation styles, from 2D and 3D animations to motion graphics and stop-motion, catering to different preferences and project requirements.

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Scriptwriting and storyboarding: Our scriptwriting and storyboarding services will help you conceptualise and develop compelling narratives that align with your goals.

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Branding integration: Incorporate brand elements seamlessly into animations, maintaining consistency with your brand guidelines and enhancing your brand’s recognition.

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Social media content: Developing animated content tailored for various social media platforms, considering the platform-specific requirements and trends.

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Collaborative approach: We actively involve you in the creative process, ensuring that your vision is not only understood but precisely translated into the final product.

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Efficient turnaround times: We strive for efficient project timelines without compromising on quality, demonstrating reliability and professionalism in meeting client deadlines.

What to expect from our animation agency

Beginning with the initial concept and extending through to the final product, our commitment is to transform your ideas into a visually striking animation. Our team is unwaveringly devoted to pushing creative boundaries, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and employing meticulous craftsmanship. This dedication ensures that your animation not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

If you’re ready to start using animation, contact our Birmingham animation agency at 0121 236 1060 or via

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