Is ‘new’ print RGB or does CMYK still have a place?

Author: Deep Sangar
Published: 13th September 2016

The place of print in an increasingly digital world is a hot button topic, with many believing that “print is dead”. This is not the first time that the bell has tolled for print. Similar sentiments were expressed with the invention of radio and then television, but print survived thanks to its ability to evolve and adapt.

Print and digital, when used in tandem, can achieve excellent results. However, it is important to realise the relative strengths and limitations of each channel. Print, for example, cannot truly compete with email for its cost effectiveness and ease of monitoring for generic messages. On the other hand, it can be an excellent stimulus to drive potential customers to your website or app when targeted correctly. Where some companies completely abandon print to focus purely on digital, others have found new ways to make it work for them.

Print may never be the force it was in the 80s and 90s where glossy magazines ruled. Reports of print's demise are, once again, a little premature though. Even in today's digital world, with screens everywhere, print still has an important role to fill. It is rapidly becoming apparent that cross-media campaigns are frequently more successful than their single-channel counterparts. While not all companies will find print an integral part of their marketing mix, it is a brave marketer who does not at least consider it.

At Clevercherry, we’re not biased. We have the love and passion for both mediums!

More to come in part 2...

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