Desert Island Discs #2

Author: Mark Ferguson
Published: 31st March 2016

Ok so we are in to number 2. Now anybody that knows me won't be surprised that it's a Kate Bush song (to be honest don't be surprised if half of them end up being Kate Bush songs).

So a couple of years ago she released an album of re-works of some tracks from 'The Sensual World' and 'The Red Shoes' and called it 'The Directors Cut'. Now I'm a life long fan of Ms Bush, I own all her records (first vinyl, then tape, then CD and finally MP3), I have her autograph (to Mark, all my love Kate), and would say that she is my favourite artist in the world (and the best!), so when I heard that she was reworking some old favourites I was more excitable than a child on a diet of blue M&M's and some godawful lurid saccharine based death juice. So imagine my immense disappointment when I heard it for the first time.

They say that you should revisit your back catalogue as you'll only arse it up, and thats exactly what she did here....well almost. Ignoring the dodgy sound quality and the butchering beyond comprehension of some of the tunes there is one track which for me stands out above all else.

#2 Kate Bush - Moments of Pleasure

This is a truly beautiful track, to the point where it almost brings tears to my eyes to listen to it. Essentially she has taken one of my top 10 KB tracks and made it even better by stripping everything out of it, apart form the piano and vocals. Most tracks I would take to a desert island would be chosen to invoke some memory or other, be it 10 years old tearing around the playground, or 25 in some (probably illegal) dirty basement club somewhere, but here it doesn't give any sort of memory just a very warm orange glow and makes me thankful of my great life (and it is great).

Go on press play, bring something beautiful into your life.

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