Desert Island Discs #3

Author: Mark Ferguson
Published: 3rd May 2016

Okay so this is a bit of a rarer track which quite a few people won't have heard of.

Al Barry and the Cimerons - Morning Sun

It's just a great feel good tune which was bought to my attention whilst watching the very first 'This is England". I wasn't really paying attention at the time, then I heard this fantastic reggae song. Immediately afterwards I search online for the soundtrack (which is great by the way including "Warhead" by UK Subs), and I find this tune which I put on. The vocals are incredibly soulful and harmonies really make the song (which is just shy of only 3 minutes long), and there's a great organ sound which you don't get enough in music in my opinion.

It's a Loafstock staple and is spun at least once during the day and conjures up images of loafing round in the sun lying on the grass drinking ridiculously overproof rum based cocktails.

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