Desert Island Discs #4

Author: Mark Ferguson
Published: 11th July 2016

So here we go with number 4 in a series that has got the nation gripped, its my 4th Desert Island Disc.

Orbital - The Girl with the Sun in her head

I love this tune, I mean really really love it. To be fair the whole album is brilliant but this track just stands out as a piece of electronic genius. Interestingly enough I noted on a few Orbital forums that it was voted 'favourite Orbital track of all time' by quite a few people (Chime is clearly the winner there though). Also clealy of interest to nobody (as are most of the things I parp on about), it was recorded in a solar powered studio (summat to do with Greenpeace i think).

There's a great bit in the middle which to me sounds like an old school blackpool organ, which I imagine rising up out of the floor with some old coffin dodger smelling slighly of germolene and biscuit crumbs in some long forgotten ballroom knocking out some belting solo riffs

So yeah put on a pair of those little glasses with torches on, nod yer head a bit and give it a whirl, it rules.

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