Desert Island Discs #7

Author: Mark Ferguson
Published: 25th January 2017

First one of the new year and it's Gavin's favourite band (after the Bee Gees) 

B52's - Dry County

It's summer, well it's not summer its the middle of bloody winter, but listening to this makes me think of summer.

I bought this back in 1989 on the 'Cosmic Thing' album. I'd been a B52's fan for a few years but the stuff was quite old school, whereas this album had come on the back of Love Shack which was being played in awful late 80's clubs everythere. It was all over MTV back in the day, and after being purchased, it was constantly on the stereo of my Mark 1 Ford Fiesta (nicknamed The Analogue Loaf Tin). The stereo itself was an after market affair as they had no stereos in them, and was sort of gaffa taped to the dashboard, it was a chick magnet as you can imagine. 

The song is the second track on the album (after an urgent "Shake That Cosmic Thing") It's just a lovely laid back tune that conjours up images of hot dusty countryside, long hot summer days, and generally being lazy. It brings back memories of driving to the coast for day trips, and generally not having a care in the world.

I went to see them live a few years ago, and although they are all rocking on a bit, they were absolutely fantastic. The thing i really love about them is that nobody sounds anything like the B52's, absolutely nobody!!!

Ahhh happy days 

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