Desert Island Discs #8

Author: Mark Ferguson
Published: 14th February 2017

Boom! in with number 8 and it's a bit of a monster.

Congo Natty - Get Ready

Well if it's upfront junglism yer after then surely it aint gonna get any better than this.

A massive slice of old school jungle mixed up with Tenor Fly and Daddy Freddy, doused in Nanci Correia, add a sprinkling of the Serial Killaz and wrap it up in a shiny box of Rebel MC in his Rastafari alter ego Congo Natty. It's just brilliant, sheer brilliance, I challenge you to hoof it on crank it up and not start nodding yer head.

I went to see him in Brighton about 2 years ago and he was incredible (I think??? It was all very emotional).

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