Highland Fling

Author: Katie Walsh
Published: 30th August 2016

We visited the Highlands last week for five days, to visit my dad who lives in the Kyle of Tongue (basically the end of the earth, well Great Britain). I’ve not been up there in the summer before so was totally blown away by the extreme landscapes and amazing views.

We flew to Inverness then hired a car and drove a further two hours along a single track road to reach the coastline right at the top. I think you’ll agree the pictures speak for themselves. The picture of the sunrise was taken on our way home, it was the most beautiful breathtaking sunrise I’ve ever seen #nofilterrequired!

On our trip we climbed up to the top of an area called the Unknown. Here on top of a hill over looking Ben Hope and Ben Loyal was a huge 12ft skeleton metal sculpture, created by Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter. The Unknown is made in nodal iron, a material which sets to a red rust-like finish, sympathetic to the landscape palette. 

Throughout the world there are stories of Monsters and Giants, depicting ‘outcasts’ condemned to exist in remote or barren places. Scotland has an empathy with this tradition, as much of its history has been defined by characters and events marked by sacrifice and exile, such as William Wallace, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Highland Clearances. There are also many supernatural local stories relating to this landscape, featuring ghosts, monsters and giants.  This type of oral tradition is a continuing part of Highland culture and ‘The Unknown’ has been conceived in response to it.

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