Introducing our new Digital Manager!

Author: Nigel Wilson
Published: 22nd June 2016

I’m pleased to announce that our very own Gavin Filmer has been promoted to the new role of Digital Manager.

Gavin has been with us for over nine years, and his high standards when it comes to Cherry’s digital output haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s continually championed new ideas and methods to push our capabilities forward, and his new role will see that stepped up a gear.

As well as overseeing digital output and promoting best practice, Gavin will be supporting and advancing our digital creative and development team, driving internal projects and introducing new technologies and techniques to further raise our game.

He’ll also be acting as a bridge between our digital department and account mangers, helping to make projects run more smoothly and ensuring that quality of work remains top notch.

Congratulations to Gavin on a well-deserved promotion and here’s to exciting times ahead.

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