Luca's week of work experience at Clevercherry

Author: Luca Shaw
Published: 28th June 2019

I am very grateful for being able to spend my work experience placement at Clevercherry. It has been a superb experience and has exceeded all my expectations of agency life and how friendly an office environment can be.

From the beginning of the week, every member of staff spent time showing me their job roles and explaining their responsibilities. This was especially true of Lauren, who was pivotal in helping me organise work experience and adjust to agency life. Additionally, Mike was also great and very accommodating. I sat next to Mike in the office and he helped me to acclimatise, and introduced me to the rest of the team who were also very friendly.

On the Tuesday, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a new client meeting with Alex and George. It was captivating to sit in on the discussion and watch the two pitch to the client with their varying styles. However, the environment was also thoroughly interesting, with a constant stimulating atmosphere, great enthusiasm and eagerness throughout (exceptional office banter). Back in the office not only was everyone work colleagues, but friends too. This was further demonstrated on the following day (Wednesday), where we played futsal at ‘PlayFootball Birmingham Indoor’ with some of the team.

Clevercherry FC consisted of myself, Mitch, George, Adam and even Ben - the sandwich man! As the team was running low on numbers, we had no subs, which made the game even more challenging against a team with more and larger players. However, keen(o) to convey to our oppositions that we meant business, we took the lead. Throughout the game the score was always very close, with us scoring a goal and them following each time. This led to rash tackles from the opposition, which were allocated to members of our team through their frustration. However, in the last 10 minutes of the fast-paced, high intensity game, our fatigue started to show as they continued to roll on and off substituting their 8 players, to keep everyone fresh and energised. Unfortunately, the tight game resulted in them undeservedly winning 8-6 (biased ref).

Overall, I found the week incredibly useful. I learnt a great deal about marketing, production, signage, website design and much more! The week helped me to develop and nurture important skills and qualities I will need for work in the future. The work had great variety, ranging from Mitch showing me the importance of maintaining a good relationship with clients, to Mike showing me the importance of managing production, and even Mark showing me previous videos and adverts he had produced.

As some key Clevercherry clients are property development companies, I also gained a valuable insight into the property industry which interests me for the future, as I was particularly interested in the job of a conveyancing solicitor and property development in general for when I’m older. Despite this, after my time at Clevercherry I may have to reconsider potential jobs for the future, as working in the agency has been extremely enjoyable and I hope any future careers I have involve an office as dynamic and social as this one.

I appreciated every moment at Clevercherry; it was just a shame work experience was only one week as it was fantastic.

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