With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In fact, around 12.9% of the global population check their profile monthly. With statistics like this, there’s no denying that utilising Instagram marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and reach for your business is essential.

But Instagram, like the rest of the digital world, is constantly evolving, and updates to the social media platform happen all the time. These updates are executed with the aim of improving Instagram users’ experience, and recently, Instagram has been rolling out a range of new features. In typical Instagram fashion, these updates are executed through selected accounts to begin, and will then later be rolled out to everyone.

Instagram Notes

Currently only available for select accounts, Instagram has created a new way to interact with friends. This feature, called Instagram Notes, allows you to send 60-character messages to groups of your Instagram friends, however it will only appear for 24 hours, like Instagram Stories.

If you’re one of the lucky few with this update already available, you can access this functionality under the Direct Message section of the platform. You will see a “Notes” section at the top of the DM page, and all you have to do is press the “+” button to add a new note. Once you’ve finished your 60-character message, you can choose whether to share the note with “Close Friends” or those who follow you back on Instagram.

So how can businesses like yours utilise Instagram notes? Well, they’re useful as you can promote your products and offer customer service to your followers (if you follow them too!). They’re the least pushy of Instagram communication, as they don’t come with notifications and are tucked away in the inbox section of the platform.

As a social media marketing agency based in Birmingham, we believe that for businesses, Instagram Notes is best utilised as an informal communication method. Too many spammy product-driven messages are likely to infuriate followers, who instead of engaging with your brand, will go the other way and will probably unfollow your account.

Instagram Notes are an easy way to get announcements to the people who matter – and because they sit at the top of your audience’s inbox, they won’t get lost in the noise of Stories.

Add a profile song

Instagram is reportedly working on the functionality to add a song to your profile. If this sounds like a similar feature to something you’ve heard of before, that’s because it is! Famously used by Myspace back in the early 2000’s, users could publicly express themselves and showcase their music taste through a song choice.

This functionality has most recently been used by Hinge (or so we’ve heard), but by expanding out to businesses, it offers the opportunity for your company to show your values and tone of voice. It’s not clear whether this will be an option for all profiles, but we have a feeling it’s likely to make users feel nostalgic, and we reckon many will welcome the new feature.

In-app Scheduling For Posts And Reels

The update to add the functionality scheduling is big one, and it’s likely to affect your Instagram marketing strategies and approach.

Currently in testing mode, creators can schedule picture, video, carousel and reels in the Instagram app up to 75 days in advance. This feature is only available through business accounts, but our local social media agency thinks it’s likely to completely change how many small businesses approach their Instagram marketing.

By allowing users to schedule content in advance, social media managers or those who look after their company’s social media accounts, will be able to plan and write content, reducing the time needed for regular posting. This is all without the need of third-party scheduling tools too, which makes it a win in our eyes.

Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

The one we’ve all been waiting for. Social media managers across the country understand the pain of “Link in bio” and then having to make sure either your LinkTree account is set up correctly or constantly changing your Instagram bio. It’s another bit of admin which affects your overall Instagram marketing strategy.

By adding this functionality, businesses have the potential to expand traffic on their website. We think this might lead to saying goodbye to LinkTree accounts forever though.

Update Your Instagram Marketing Strategies

As a social media agency based in Birminghamour marketing team have the expertise you need to update and review your Instagram marketing strategies.

If you would like to find out more or start using social media advertising, please contact us on hello@clevercherry.com or on 0121 236 1060.

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