Switching Sides - Emily from Cameron Homes visits!

Author: Emily Swinnerton
Published: 2018-11-07

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m currently on placement for a year at Cameron and Galliers Homes…

You may be thinking, why I am writing a blog post for Clevercherry? 

Well, I was given the amazing opportunity to spend a day in their office, to see behind the scenes of what they produce for Cameron and Galliers from the Agency side. 

I arrived at Clevercherry’s office intrigued about what I would learn, but I came away full of knowledge and understanding of how they operate and how they work with brand guidelines. 

I started the day being introduced to everyone in the office and learning all about what each of their job roles are within the agency, which was then followed by shadowing some of the designers, who were working on some of the various ongoing projects for Cameron. It was really interesting to see how they worked on the briefs, and I was able to give my knowledge on some of the Cameron developments. 

I really enjoyed seeing the process of a current live brief which is ongoing at the moment, by seeing the scamps and ideas which then lead Clevercherry's creative team to the design on ‘why buy new’. I can't wait to see how it progresses!

A massive thank you goes out to Lauren for being an amazing host whilst I was visiting Clevercherry; you made me feel very welcome and comfortable in the office.  

Thank you to Clevercherry for having me, I'm sure I'll be back! 

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