In today’s digital era, professional networking has become more important than ever. With LinkedIn being the world’s largest professional networking platform, it strives to understand how it can make its users' experiences as streamlined and effective as possible.

With the recent updates rolled out in March 2023, we thought we would take the time to explore some of the new updates and showcase how you can use the new benefits of LinkedIn.

Scheduled posts

When it comes to your online presence on LinkedIn, posts must be regularly shared to keep your audience engaged and keep your account visible.

Users can now pre-publish as many posts as they like up to three months in advance, helping them save time, and still get quality posts out. This feature is currently desktop-only and will soon be rolling out on mobile too.

You can view and manage all your scheduled posts to make sure your content calendar is filled, allowing you to create content in batches and work towards increasing your professional network.

LinkedIn audio events

Engage your professional network in a new way by having the opportunity to go live through audio-only.

LinkedIn Audio Events have been designed to be flexible and informal, and have created an easy tool for users to connect with their business community in a low-pressure environment. This new tool offers attendees seamless interaction capabilities, such as the innovative “raise hand” feature and emoji reactions. These features allow users to collect an instant response from all their audience.

Alongside this, the new tool enables the audience members to explore and engage with your page, as well as other attendees’ profiles whilst still being in the live event. This encourages more people to view your profile and join your professional network.

Finding top talent

LinkedIn now allows you to share your new job adverts as posts.

When hiring for a job it is important that the correct target audience is viewing the job. LinkedIn has now made it much easier to share recent job adverts on your page, making them more accessible to future talent.

In your job settings, you can now opt-in to an automatic post, which will go out for all new job adverts on your page and with LinkedIn becoming a go-to space for many job seekers, this will allow the top talent to discover the advert.

The automatic post will be pre-populated but will be editable, so you can make any changes to the description before sharing it.

Achieving a streamlined feed

LinkedIn can be a broad place with a large range of conversations happening. Their latest feature allows businesses to follow other pages, in the same way individuals can follow pages, allowing the feed to show streamlined content.

This will allow businesses to keep engaged with the conversations that really matter, distinguish a brand voice, and create a bespoke feed. This new feature will allow more brands to communicate and collaborate, and build a better professional network.

Build your brands’ voice and identity

These new LinkedIn benefits will allow our social media agency Birmingham build a better professional network and be a part of wider conversations. If you are interested in finding out how we can build your brands voice and identity, or utilise the benefits of social media advertising, drop us an email,

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