Three months in and I couldn’t be happier

Author: Josh Turbill
Published: 21st February 2017

It’s already been three months since I made the big return to Birmingham and rekindled my love for the city I grew up in. So much has improved over the last five years. The bars are cooler (or perhaps I am!), the architecture is edgier and Birmingham seems to have shaken its identity crisis to become a vibrant metropolis.

Whether we’re nipping out for a coffee meeting at a local independent, or showing face at an industry event, it's all going on nearby. In fact, I find I do some of my best work when the environment around me is buzzing and as for Clevercherry, the atmosphere they have created here is pure genius.

Surrounded by talent and creativity; ideas are at the centre of everything we do. As many successful digital and tech companies have proven, you need the perfect environment to breed this level of innovation.

Clevercherry has that – and it is so refreshing.

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