Vegan Surprise

Author: Katie Walsh
Published: 7th March 2016

After a year of being Vegan, my kids are doing their upmost to try and convert me.

So for Mothers Day this year, on Saturday night they made me a 100% Vegan 2 course meal.This consisted of homemade 'patty style' falafels in pitta bread with spicy tomato salsa, served with sweet potato fries and salad.

Then homemade Tiramisu for dessert. This was an operation and a half!! They did an absolutely cracking job, but missed the small print and realised it had to be chilled for 6 hours before you could eat it. Bless!

So we ate it for breakfast Sunday morning! When they presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers :)

All in all a very successful meal - I still wouldn¹t say no to to a rare steak though :) But I¹ll give them 10/10 for taste and 100% for effort in an attempt to bring me over to the dark side.

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