Vijay joins the Cherry clan

Author: Nigel Wilson
Published: 15th June 2016

Earlier this month, we welcomed Senior Developer, Vijay Mahrra, to the Cherry clan.  

Vijay has already held a series of senior roles and his impressive experience made him a perfect fit for our programming team. Since joining us, he’s been getting stuck into various PHP projects and proving himself a great asset to the digital department.

Luckily for us, Vijay has decent music taste (with a preference for disco and funk) and has already been granted access to the office playlist - a privilege that some long-standing Cherries are still waiting for!

He’s also an accomplished cyclist and has seen a long list of countries from the saddle. Before returning home to Wolverhampton, he lived and worked in several European cities.

We’re delighted to have Vijay on board and looking forward to putting his many talents to excellent use.

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