“My AI” is Snapchat’s newest feature. Powered by ChatGPT, the tool allows users to ask questions such as what to get their best friend for their birthday, where to go for a long weekend, or even for suggestions on the perfect dinner - all through their chat feed.

The new artificial intelligence feature, described as “an experimental, friendly, chatbot” by Snapchat, has had mixed opinions from Snapchat users, but after only 24 hours the app was starting to receive a lot of bad reviews with regards to the new tool.

Sheffield University student, Amelia Elder, 20, said: “It knows so much information, it knows your location, and if you send it a picture, it detects what’s happening in it which is really terrifying”.

Snapchat has been criticised for being unclear when providing information with regards to what data is shared with the chatbot, such as personal details and location, and has seen an unusual spike in 1-star reviews on the app store since launch. In response, Snapchat has released a statement stating, “We appreciate all the feedback from our passionate community as we continue to improve the experience”.

Is this a good idea?

Surprisingly Snapchat has a deceivingly large, young user base, which has led to many concerned parents. They have said Snapchat’s audience is too young to understand the difference between humans and machines, especially when the bot looks the same as other Snapchat users on their chat feed.

“My AI” is a feature which can’t be removed from a user’s feed, unless they pay for a premium subscription. This has created a great opportunity for Snapchat to encourage users to upgrade to their Snapchat+ version, but has it affected Snapchat’s reputation?

Diving into the positives

My AI is almost like a chat version of “Siri” or “Alexa” - it searches available databases, gathers information, and then formulates a response. As it is increasingly utilised, the software’s knowledge grows, and responses become more specific to interests and interactions.

Although parents have said this tool should not be used by their children, some have found the tool useful for themselves, as a more mature user base. They have said that they have found the new tool “interesting” and “exciting”, as it can allow users to learn new things easier. Others have described their AI as their new “pocket buddy”, helping them have the answers to all their questions at the tip of their fingers.

How does this affect Snapchat Ads?

Advertising with AI is now being tested by Snapchat. These would appear as sponsored links, allowing brands to use Snapchat ads to advertise through the new feature. They have also announced new Snapchat ad products for spotlights and stories allowing more brands to reach their target audience on the platform, and making it easier for Snapchat to be used for business.

Snapchat has recently unveiled compelling research indicating that Snapchatters exhibit a remarkable 45% higher likelihood of recommending the advertised brand to their friends, in comparison to advertisements on other social platforms. Furthermore, they have demonstrated a substantial 34% higher inclination to make purchases of the products featured in the ads, surpassing the impact of viewing the same advertisements on other platforms.

Can you use Snapchat for business?

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