JTL came to our digital and creative agency for a campaign that would highlight their commitment to the net zero initiative and showcase that by becoming an electrician, apprentices can work in a vital trade that will heavily contribute to the UK’s net zero targets.

The messaging needed to underpin JTL’s goals of recruiting more learners to take on an apprenticeship, encouraging sign-ups through the website during a key time in the academic year around exam results.

Our Approach

For this education marketing campaign, research conducted showed that there is a want from younger individuals to have more meaningful involvement in environmental policies, however, they often feel overwhelmed by the information available to them. Within this campaign, it was important to encourage learners to embark on their apprenticeship, helping them understand that they have the potential to contribute positively to the future.

Campaign Included
  • Competitor research
  • Initial design concepts
  • Development of messaging
  • Delivery across various mediums
  • Reporting
Amtec Phone 2
Amtec Phone 2

Your Future, Our Planet

The final concept which was used focused on the opportunity available to learners to play a part in changing their future and the planet’s environment, and was named “Your Future, Our Planet”. It embraced the desire amongst the target audience to be involved in creating a cleaner planet whilst enjoying the benefit of green skills that will establish them in a valuable and sustainable career.

We used imagery that is reflective of the target audience, supported by graphic elements signifying the tools of the trade. The messaging in this creative campaign was inspiring and informative whilst easy to digest and also gave a nod to their previous campaign “A Trade is Always With You”.

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Amtec Phone 2
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Amtec Phone 4
Amtec Phone 4

The Result

Overall, the campaign performed exceptionally well, generating a high number of interactions on both social media and across the Google network. “Your Future, Our Planet” ran throughout the post-exam results phase and garnered a surge in new applicants for JTL’s apprenticeships.

On Facebook, there was a high number of impressions at 960,290, with a reach of 305,156, and an overall engagement rate of 2.21%, despite the challenges faced by targeting rules surrounding education in the Meta scape. On Google, there were 108,388 impressions with a click-through rate of 4.06% and an engagement rate of 27.78%.

Client feedback

Cathie Foster, Head of Marketing at JTL said:

“We have worked with Clevercherry for a number of years now and we are always extremely pleased with their capability of delivering creative campaigns that show a deep understanding of our goals. The 'Your Future, Our Planet' campaign generated impressive results and we are looking forward to working with Clevercherry on further campaigns.”

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