Surf's up!

Author: Helen Catchpowle
Published: 26th September 2016

As part of Joe's birthday present, we headed off to Twinwoods Adventure in Bedford to give indoor surfing a shot!

Neither of us have ever surfed before, so we weren't sure what to expect. We were kitted out with wetsuits, given a safety briefing that mostly consisted of 'try not to hit yourself in the face with the board', and off we went. 

We started by leaping into the water on bodyboards to get the hang of steering and not just getting blasted straight off the back! I hit the back wall a couple of times before I worked out how to stay in control, but soon we were attempting tricks and kneeling on the board. 

Then it was time to try standing! Joe's snowboarding skills meant he put the rest of us to shame, but I was pretty pleased with myself for managing a few minutes without hitting the deck. 

I'd definitely recommend giving it a go - it's so much fun, and hopefully we'll have a better chance of success when we try it in the sea. 

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