As we mark the 20th anniversary of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, it's incredible to see how this platform, launched in 2004, has become the world's most popular social network. Over these two decades, it has seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily lives, redefining how we connect and share.

Even though newer platforms like TikTok are getting all the buzz and social media trends are ever-changing, Facebook remains the most-used social platform in the world and despite being 20 years old, it continues to be the platform that social media agencies can’t ignore. Here are some key facts that can help you understand the power of Facebook.

Facebook has more than three billion monthly active users – As of Q2 2023, Facebook still had 3.05 billion monthly users, despite losing traction with the younger demographic. Meta also revealed that 3.96 billion people use one of their main products (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger) every month.

By 2027, Facebook will reach 75% of the world’s population - Statistical projections indicate a continual expansion of Facebook's influence in the coming years, with estimates suggesting that by 2027, it could potentially encompass 75.79% of the global population.

Optimal posting times on Facebook fall between 8 am and noon, specifically on Tuesdays or Thursdays - The ideal posting time on Facebook varies based on your audience's unique characteristics and social behaviours. However, the mentioned timeframe from 8 am to noon on a Tuesday or Thursday serves as a general average across the entire platform.

Millennials make up almost half of Facebook’s audience - The cohort that initially brought Facebook to worldwide recognition remains extensively involved on the social media platform. Just over 49% of users are between the ages of 25 and 44.

91% of organisations have a Facebook presence - Businesses across various sectors utilise Facebook, and the statistics speak for themselves. With over 90% of brands establishing a presence on the platform, it underscores the extensive use of Facebook as a pivotal tool for businesses.

As Facebook's 20th anniversary approaches, the BBC has announced a three-part documentary. In this series, Mark Zuckerberg will recount the story of the unlikely innovator and his creation, evaluating the platform's global impact on culture and behaviour.

Nancy Strang, Creative Director at Mindhouse Productions, said:

"The remarkable story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is one of the tales of our time. He has arguably done more to transform human behaviour and connectivity than any other person this century.

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